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Heckenberg Reality Group (HRG) is a real estate firm helping their clients to make the best choice in buying and selling real estate properties.​

HRG Sales Team is known for providing clients with accurate and up to date real estate market information, sound advice based on skilled analysis and thus fostering long term relationships.​

In Order to ensure highest quality of service to their clients, HRG is always looking to explore new technology in order to make selling & buying process of real estate cost effective, simple and faster.


  • Lack of Centralised Database of their Existing Clients and Prospects​

  • Effective Lead Tracking & Monitoring of Sales Activities​

  • Manage Content related to Property Listings i.e., ability to attach & store large document files of different kinds in a common place (for e.g., images/ videos/) was one of the challenges​

  • Categorization of the Clientele to execute campaigns wasn’t easy​


  • HRG Estates planned to drive their Client Engagement process with modern cloud-based technology solution –Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales​

  • Streamlined Lead Management through D365 Sales business process flow​

  • Centralised Repository of the Property Listings and Ability to attach & store large document files of different kinds (for e.g., images/ videos/) through native SharePoint integration with D365 Sales​

  • Segmentation of Customers and Prospects via Marketing Lists​

  • Enabled Rich Text Email Templates for Email Campaigns​


  • Centralised Cloud based platform which provides freedom to access the solution on any device and from anywhere. Consistent Experience for sales app users on laptop/tablet or mobile devices​

  • Maintain Centralised Repository of the Customers & Prospects Data​

  • Able to maintain & track all sales activities thus enhancing client engagement more effective to win more deals​

  • Segment Prospects and Customers via Marketing Lists to run quick Email Campaigns with use of rich text email templates

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