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The Warehouse Group is New Zealand’s               

largest retail company, comprised of several subsidiaries, including their flagship brand ‘The Warehouse’, ‘Warehouse Stationery’ and ‘Noel Leeming’. After years of growth, they are embarking on a modernisation program to enable their IT platform to continue to support that growth. In the last 24 months, Duco Consultancy has become one of TWG’s trusted implementation partners, as well as becoming New Zealand’s main delivery partner for Stibo solutions.



TWG needed to replace their aging legacy Product Data Management systems with a modern, industry-leading SaaS solution. This need was considered one of the top five initiatives across TWG. The implementation needed to be done quickly, with minimal disruption to their

day-to-day operations, and would involve multiple vendors. TWG was looking for Duco to provide skilled resources to manage the overall implementation, as well as delivering key services.



Using Stibo Systems for Master Data Management (MDM), TWG embarked on a concerted effort to fix and enrich product master data. The provided solution manages the entire cycle of product master data with real-time integration to the downstream applications. By having a centralised MDM, TWG applications have access to a centralised, trusted and reliable single source of truth for product master data. 

Duco Consultancy managed the implementation of the MDM solution across TWG staff and multiple vendors onsite and offshore. We managed and orchestrated the work among 50+ team members for several activities such as: data and solution architecture, design workshops, Stibo configuration, integration with downstream systems, data cleansing and migration, organisation change management, and process transition to managed services. 


The MDM implementation was aligned to TWG’s agile way of working and delivery was rationalised considering dependencies and resource contention with other priorities. 


Remediates and improves the quality of all product master data for The Warehouse, Warehouse Stationery and Noel Leeming.

Provides compliance of the key master data with full audit trail of data maintenance

Provides a foundation in terms of good data for strategic organizational initiatives and harmonising data across brands.

Improves labour productivity and staff satisfaction 


  • Reduced the average cost of SKU creation and maintenance 

  • Centralised and governed product master data for TWL / WSL Product MDM delivered as a managed service to TWL / WSL

  • Product master data consumption by dependent processes in relevant applications

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