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Quality Assurance & Testing

Enterprises are embracing innovative digital technologies to rethink business processes, design new products and services, modernize styles of customer engagements and accelerated operational efficiency. With endless opportunities unfolding via digital, Agile and DevOps have been adopted and become the defacto standards of modern software development crossed all industries.​

To continue successfully, in digital demands new ways of thinking and execution in the software development lifecycle. Delivery teams need to move faster, be more flexible and adaptable – without sacrificing quality or customer experience. Integrating development and QA efforts, automating manual processes wherever possible, and be ready to meet the new Testing and QA requirements of the latest digital technologies like IoT and AI.

The everyday growing complexity in the IT landscape and increased dependency on IT Solutions plus AI evolving to provide autonomy and self-learning and healing increases the challenges. As enterprises adopt Agile and DevOps methodologies to accelerate increasing consumer demands, many are struggling to transition and transform their QA and testing process to meet all these changes and needs. How to achieve quality faster, smarter?​

Duco believes in "Quality driven delivery" and can aid you in the journey by transforming your practice and evolving it into a Quality Engineering service:


  • Assess the performance of your apps from an end-user perspective​

  • Orchestrate and maintain business and user-driven test models​

  • AI-driven Test Automation - In-sprint and End to End ​

  • Analytics to optimize test coverage and execution​

  • On-demand test data and test environments​

  • Testing in production​

  • Embed non-functional testing in the release pipeline​

  • Testing delivered as a Service.

Our Services:

Core Testing

  • Functional Testing​

  • Integration Testing​

  • Compatibility Testing​

  • Regression Testing​

  • E2E Testing​

  • Test Automation​

  • Mobile Testing​

  • Data Migration Testing​

  • Performance Testing​

  • Security Testing​

  • Tool Migration

Digital Assurance

  • Big Data & Analytics Testing​

  • ERP Testing​

  • Omni Channel​

  • Devices Testing​

  • Usability Testing​

  • Robotic Process Automation




  • Agile & DevOps Testing​

  • API / Microservices​

  • CX/UX​

  • Performance Engineering​

  • Service Virtualization​

  • Code Quality​

  • Test Data Management​

  • Test Environment 


Testing 4.0

  • AI/ML driven testing​

  • IoT Testing​

  • Serverless Testing​

  • Intelligent Test Automation​

  • Infrastructure Testing​

  • Chaos Testing​

  • Testing in Production​

  • Blockchain Testing


Advisory &


  • Testing Factory​

  • Test Advisory ​

  • QE Transformation 


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Quality Assurance & Testing 

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