Revolutionizing Real Estate: AuxiBot’s Impact on Industry Efficiency
The AI Show: A New Era for Intelligent Business Solutions

On March 13th, 2024, Auckland was the place to be for top businesspeople and creative thinkers who came to see a big change in how technology helps businesses—the AI Show. This event was a chance for people to show off new tech and was the first-time people saw AuxiBot, a new AI tool from Duco Consultancy. Leveraging my comprehensive experience with Microsoft, Oracle, Data Enterprise Solutions and the ongoing developmental of AI at Duco Consultancy, I was proud to introduce AuxiBot and talk about how it can really change the game for people involved in the real estate industry, especially for a company called Impression Real Estate.

Introducing AuxiBot: Redefining the Role of Business AI

AuxiBot is a generative artificial intelligence solution designed to streamline business tasks and improve workflow. It is capable of a variety of functions, from gathering information to assisting customers, and creating intelligent graphs and images. With the ability to understand and communicate in over 52 languages, AuxiBot is not just a cutting-edge tool for the future of business, but it is also globally accessible, ensuring that language barriers will not limit its use.

AuxiBot and Impressions Real Estate: A Success Story

AuxiBot showed what it can do with Impressions Real Estate, the first company in New Zealand to use an AI chatbot on their website. They named the chatbot ‘Marcia’ to fit the company’s style, and it helped customers in a new and personal way. This made AuxiBot a big deal in changing how real estate companies talk to their customers.

The Future of AI and the Vision of Duco Consultancy

Duco Consultancy is leading the way into a new time when AI changes everything. We work hard to simplify business processes and make technical stuff easier to understand and use, and AuxiBot is a big part of that. We are excited for what is coming next, and AuxiBot will help businesses do better and make their customers happier.

Reflecting on the AI Show: A Transformation Unveiled

Attending the AI Show was an incredibly inspiring experience. Seeing how excited people were about AuxiBot and knowing it could do a lot for real estate made me believe even more in the power of AI to change how we do things. AuxiBot can work wonders not just in real estate, but in any business.

Duco Consultancy: Forging the Future of AI in Real Estate

Duco Consultancy is not just making new tools; we are at the front of making businesses smarter and work better. We are creating new ways to do business that are more intelligent and quicker to respond. With AuxiBot and our other computer tools, we are ready to help change things.

Embracing the AI Revolution with Duco Consultancy

The AI Show is just the start of an exciting journey into smarter business. AuxiBot, our groundbreaking generative AI framework, is set to revolutionize various industries, beginning with real estate. For businesses poised to leverage the potential of AI and enhance their operations, Duco Consultancy stands as the partner of choice. Let us work together to make business more efficient and customer friendly.

If you’re interested in how AuxiBot can change your business and want to learn more about what Duco Consultancy is doing with AI, please get in touch with us. We cannot wait to share our ideas, work together, and start this journey of new ideas with you.


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