Data Solutions

At Duco Consultancy, our Data Solutions team offers services and solutions that will solve the key data challenges that your business faces today:

  • Master Data Management
  • Data Integration
  • Data Migration
  • Data Warehousing
  • Business Intelligence and Big Data
  • Data Governance

In short, the entire lifecycle of a business’s data.

Our team includes data scientists, data engineers, migration specialists, business consultants, and functional and technical consultants with end-to-end knowledge of all things data. We work with our other technology-based Service Lines at Duco Consultancy to bring specific technology expertise in areas such as Cloud, ERP, Integration software, and AI. Our Program and Change Service Line provides the program and project management expertise, along with the Technical Business Analysis and Change Management skill sets required for your small and large data implementation initiatives.

If you are struggling to start harnessing the power of your business’s data, we can help with that. If you have started on your data journey and need to take that journey to the next level, we can help with that too.

Master Data Management
Master Data Management (MDM) refers to the need to establish a ‘single source of truth’ from multiple sources containing the same or similar data.

Most businesses do not start with a disciplined approach to managing their key master data (e.g., customers, products, or services), and quickly find that data becomes corrupted, hard to find, or simply lost. Mergers and acquisitions further complicate things.

Our robust MDM solutions, supported by the right tools, process, and people, can solve these problems and help a business gain control over its most important data.
Data Integration
Most businesses today use multiple IT systems to manage their various day-to-day activities. These systems contain many types of data – structured and unstructured. The need to efficiently and effectively manage the exchange of data between those systems inevitably creates a data integration challenge, which only magnifies as the business grows and the supporting systems increase in size, number, and complexity.

Our team of integration consultants, data engineers, and technical consultants can design and implement a data integration solution that works for your business in an effective and cost-efficient way, utilising appropriate and state of the art technologies.
Data Migration
Unlike Data Integration, which typically involves the movement of smaller volumes of data on a frequent basis between one or more systems, data migration typically involves the movement of large volumes of data on a one-time or infrequent basis. A typical scenario is where data from an old (‘legacy’) system needs to be migrated to a new system that is superseding the old system. The challenges will include data transformation, data cleansing, and efficient data loading of large volumes of data.

Our team of data migration specialists, technical business analysts, and data engineers will design, implement, test, and execute a data migration solution for your business that ensures a flawless, high-quality, high-speed transfer of data between your old and new systems.
Data Warehousing
Given the complexity of your business’s data and the systems that contain this data, Data Warehousing Solutions are essential to harness that data for reporting, analysis and business intelligence. The data warehouse is a repository that contains current and historical data from multiple sources and is specially engineered to enable reporting and analysis systems to make sense of it.

Our data warehouse specialists take key design principles from theorists such as Inmon and Kimball, and work with our integration specialists, data engineers, and technical business analysts, using industry-leading tools, to create data warehouse solutions that work for your business.
Business Intelligence and Big Data
Business Intelligence refers to your business’s need to make sense of all the data you have been able to gather, to enable you to make better business decisions. It is the culmination of all the other data solutions that you have put in place.

Big Data specifically refers to the large and complex data sets that are beyond the data types that typically are found in business data, and which offer the prospect of ‘next-level’ business intelligence.

Our team of data scientists, supported by data engineers, and reporting specialists, will help you gain those insights that will give you the leverage and advantages that will take your business to the next level.
Data Governance
At the end of the day, all the best people, techniques, and technologies won’t amount to much if your business doesn’t have a robust and practical approach to ensuring that your data remains at a high-quality state throughout its lifecycle. This is where Data Governance Services comes into play.

By ensuring you have smart people, processes and technologies in place, you can ensure that your data remains accurate, relevant, consistent, and, importantly, secure.

Our experiences with big organisations in the private and public sectors have taught our team of business consultants how to design purpose-built data governance systems that will work for your business to ensure that you retain the ongoing value of the data solutions we have helped you implement.
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