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Duco Consultancy’s Data Solutions team offers comprehensive services and tailored solutions to address the critical data challenges confronting your business today. Our offerings encompass the entire lifecycle of your business’s data, including:

Master Data Management, Data Integration, Data Migration, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence and Big Data – Data Governance

Our team comprises skilled professionals such as data scientists, data engineers, migration specialists, business consultants, and functional and technical consultants, all equipped with end-to-end expertise in data management. We collaborate closely with our other technology-based Service Lines to provide specialised technology knowledge in areas such as Cloud, ERP, Integration software, and AI. Additionally, our Program and Change Service Line offers program and project management expertise, along with Technical Business Analysis and Change Management skills necessary for both small and large-scale data implementation initiatives.

We stand ready to assist business that are eager to leverage it’s data in advancing its data journey

Master Data Management
Master Data Management (MDM) involves establishing a unified source of truth from multiple sources containing identical or similar data. Many businesses initially lack a disciplined approach to managing their critical master data, leading to data corruption, accessibility issues, or loss, particularly exacerbated by mergers and acquisitions. Our robust MDM solutions, bolstered by appropriate tools, processes, and expertise, empower businesses to regain control over their most vital data assets.
Data Integration
Modern businesses rely on multiple IT systems to manage various day-to-day activities, each housing diverse types of data. Effectively managing data exchange between these systems poses a significant integration challenge, which escalates with business growth and system complexity. Our team of integration consultants, data engineers, and technical experts can design and implement efficient and cost-effective data integration solutions tailored to your business needs, leveraging cutting-edge technologies.
Data Migration
Data migration involves transferring large volumes of data, typically from an old ("legacy") system to a new one, posing challenges such as data transformation, cleansing, and efficient loading. Our team of migration specialists, technical analysts, and engineers will design, implement, test, and execute a seamless data migration solution ensuring high-quality, high-speed data transfer between old and new systems.
Data Warehousing
Data Warehousing Solutions are indispensable for harnessing complex business data for reporting, analysis, and business intelligence purposes. Our specialists incorporate key design principles from leading theorists and collaborate with integration experts, data engineers, and technical analysts to craft tailored data warehouse solutions using industry-leading tools, perfectly aligned with your business requirements.
Business Intelligence and Big Data
Business Intelligence enables businesses to derive meaningful insights from gathered data to make informed decisions, while Big Data addresses large and complex datasets beyond traditional business data types. Our team of data scientists, supported by data engineers and reporting specialists, empowers businesses to gain actionable insights, propelling them to new heights of success.
Data Governance
Effective Data Governance ensures data remains at a high-quality state throughout its lifecycle, safeguarding its accuracy, relevance, consistency, and security. Leveraging our experiences with large organizations in both private and public sectors, our business consultants specialize in designing tailored data governance systems to preserve the ongoing value of implemented data solutions for your business.
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