Business Process Improvement

Enhancing business processes for sustainable performance improvements

At Duco Consultancy, we specialize in enhancing business processes for sustainable performance improvements. Our focus on business effectiveness precedes efficiency gains through automation. Services range from maturity assessment and benchmarking to business process analysis and redesign. We identify outsourcing opportunities, provide advisory services, and offer Finance and Operations Transformation. From workplace digitization to process automation and value stream analysis, we implement Lean Agile principles to eliminate waste. Our expertise extends to root cause analysis, process alignment to systems, and applications. Elevate your business with Duco Consultancy’s comprehensive solutions.

Our range of services include but are not limited  to:


Maturity assessment and benchmarking – process capability
Business process analysis and redesign (Level 1 to Level 4)
Business process outsourcing – identification of opportunities and advisory services
Finance and Operations Transformation services
Workplace digitisation and Process automation services
Value stream analysis and value improvement
Implementation of Lean Agile principles to eliminate waste
Root cause analysis of process and operations issues
Process alignment to systems and applications
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