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Data Solutions

We are all witnessing a data explosion and along with it, we are also witnessing a booming explosion of data tools and products on a daily basis. Each one of them claims to help you be a data-driven enterprise.

Yet, we regularly hear people powering organisations express frustration at how difficult it is to use data to unlock insight and power better decisions. We also hear the data professionals tell us how they spend 80% or more of their time preparing data instead of unlocking value from them through analytics.


At Duco, we believe,

  • Anyone should be able to use what is theirs (data) to help themselves and others.

  • It shouldn’t be difficult to use data that we create every day and in abundance.

  • It is extremely frustrating (cost and time and effort-wise) to add tools to take care of tools that already take care of tools which were originally supposed to help us unlock the power of data.

Our data solutions are powered by these core beliefs.

We deliver by:

  • Consciously steering our clients away from being caught up in expensive tools.

  • Helping them unlock small joys from their data on a regular and consistent basis for themselves and their customers.

  • Putting people, culture and security at the centre of any data initiative to justify its existence as a leadership priority.

  • Being there with you as an expert tour guide through your journey, adding value at each step.

  • If you still need assistance with tools, we will be there to help you avoid the tool trap.

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Enterprise Data Solution Lead

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