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Jimmy Heckenberg is one of the most well-recognized real estate agents in both the Beverly Hills and Westside areas, with over $1.6B in total sales. His top-producing team, The Heckenberg Realty Group, distinguishes itself from others through its unyielding reliability in everything they do. With Jimmy's sharp and quick mentality, he has earned a reputation as one of the leaders in the residential real estate industry.

Whether you are a first-time home buyer, an existing home buyer, or an investor, Jimmy Heckenberg will make your real estate transaction as cost-effective as possible. To continuously innovate and streamline the process of buying and selling real estate, Jimmy constantly explores innovative ideas and technology. This ensures that the transaction will be time-effective, cost-effective, and stress-free.


  • Heckenberg Realty Group wants to improve their digital presence with a brand-new unique website.

  • The website should display exclusive property listings from Heckenberg Realty Group and other property listings from their local MLS (Multi Listing Service).

  • They also want to showcase real-time customer testimonials from Jimmy Heckenberg's Zillow Agent Profile and near real-time Instagram posts.

  • Ensuring mobile functionality and performance is crucial as most customers visit the website from their mobile phones.


  • In early 2023, Heckenberg Realty Group approached DUCO CONSULTANCY to build the website.

  • DUCO CONSULTANCY had a successful collaboration with            Heckenberg Realty Group in launching their CRM Software.

  • DUCO CONSULTANCY, having a Custom Application Development team of highly experienced with deep skills. worked closely with Heckenberg Realty Group to gather requirements, create a Brand Identity guide, design the UI/UX, and integrate IDX/MLS property data from TheMLS/CLAW.

  • In less than two months, DUCO CONSULTANCY designed, developed, and launched a custom WordPress website with integrations for property data, Zillow reviews, and Instagram posts.



  • WordPress, being a popular web content management system, helped improve Heckenberg Realty Group's digital presence and supported SEO efforts.

  • The brand-new website helped Heckenberg Realty Group stand out and create a unique digital identity.

  • The integration of MLS/IDX property listings ensured frequent auto updates without manual intervention.

  • Displaying real-time testimonials from Zillow and live Instagram feeds increased customer engagement with the company's social media


  • Heckenberg Realty Group had a custom-designed website up and running with property listings data in under two months.

  • The website provided an improved and aesthetically pleasing view of property images and data for both first-time home buyers and investors.

  • The contact form on the website increased leads for buying/selling exclusive property listings.

  • Displaying genuine feedback and ratings from Jimmy Heckenberg's Zillow Agent profile helped build trust and grow the customer base.

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